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forget his once health insurance claims servicer Kendrick brown has barely been able to afford life's necessities like a car after his was totaled I actually got an accident my insurance paid off what the car was worth but as far as what I had borrowed to actually purchase the car I still old once you get in such a hole you're like okay would it make more sense for me to actually you know file bankruptcy so when his employer Aetna insurance recently voluntarily and suddenly raised its minimum wage to 16 an hour they were so happy day after taxes somewhere between 100 and 150 dollars every check and that goes a long way that goes a long way Brown is one of the roughly six thousand lowest paid Aetna employees out of a workforce of about forty nine thousand who got raises this spring on average eleven percent with some as high as thirty three percent call centers like this one in Fresno California are home to many of the firm's lowest paid workers we visited on the payday the raises took effect everyone went in and looked and were like oh it's there you know it's really there Kristen Sargent among the 233 workers here whose paychecks rose it's on paper you know it's it's their effect sergeant will earn over 1 more an hour lives some forty miles from the office my husband works in construction and of course sets a seasonal job and so we're dependent on just me and we're a family of five I have 30 kids you know and it's hard to home they can't go hang out with the other kids and do what the other kids are doing just because you don't have the money kids don't understand that Erika Garcia is grateful for her raise one of her young sons is still a daycare and another one is coming soon I already delegated that money towards daycare for my new baby and next year Aetna also plans to offer lower cost benefits to those below a certain income threshold CEO Mark Bertolini is the driving force it's not just about paying them more it's about creating for them a higher level of personal disposable income that allows them to engage in the economy you feel part of their communities and feel good about the place they work at the CEO does have his reasons we now have a lot of financial capital in the system we can borrow money chiefly as corporations three point eight trillion around the world and capital sitting inside of companies so let's invest and husband our scarce resource which is talent Oh motivated engaged present worker and let's put risks some of our capital to do it so after decades in which corporate America was all about maximizing shareholder value Aetna is raising wages at the bottom unilaterally gravity payments a 120 person credit card payment processing firm is going even further raising its minimum to seventy thousand a year effectively doubling the pay of its thirty lowest paid workers the gap starbucks wal-mart and McDonald's have also announced increases perhaps tied...